Saturday, September 19, 2009

dear bestfriend...

take care
be good
strive hard
always keep in touch..!!

- hafizah & hafiq -

"We only part to meet again someday.."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

This is not the way one makes peace...


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's much anticipated policy speech about his peace intentions was suffused with peace rhetoric, but it was starkly short on a peace vision.

The Sunday night speech at the Begin-Sadat Peace Centre at Bar Ilan University spotlighted a leader quintessentially focused on a single target - political survival: survival between conflicting challenges - that from a U.S. President who wants a Palestinian-Israeli peace based on two states, and that from his own right-wing coalition which rejects outright the concept of an independent Palestinian state.

The Palestinian chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, declared dismissively that Netanyahu would have 'to wait a thousand years' before Palestinians would be ready to accept his terms.

Little wonder the Palestinians sounded sorely disappointed: Netanyahu gave no commitment to end the occupation, reiterated Israel's determination to retain the whole of Jerusalem as its 'united capital', rejected any possibility of a compromise on Palestinian refugees, and even had fulsome praise for the Jewish settlers in the West Bank whom he called 'Israeli pioneers'.

For all these shortcomings, the Obama Administration was listening for one thing, and one thing only: would the Israeli prime minister finally acknowledge the necessity for a Palestinian state? He may have squirmed at the buzzword but, in the end, Netanyahu did utter the phrase over which he has balked ever since his election back in February.

He did so only on strict conditions: 'If we get a guarantee for demilitarisation and necessary security arrangements for Israel, and if the Palestinians recognise Israel as the state of the Jewish people, we will be willing in a real peace agreement to reach a solution of a demilitarised Palestinian state alongside the Jewish state,' he said.

The Netanyahu calculation seems to have been clear-cut - that, in the end, the Palestinians will save him from himself by rejecting his terms as the basis for resuming peace talks. It's as if Netanyahu had put his foot in Barack Obama's peace door ostensibly to prize it further open whereas, in reality, all he has done is to have put his foot in the door so as to trip up the Palestinians so that they fall before entering the Obama peace room.

Netanyahu had been warned by his own camp not to succumb to the demands that he finally state his readiness to accept a future Palestinian state in the West Bank. In domestic political terms, by coming to terms with a degree of Palestinian sovereignty, he has crossed some sort of right-wing Rubicon.

But, his formulation was in the end so niggling that his own Likud party ideologues - and even the settlers themselves - say they don't consider his commitment a tangible threat to the settlement enterprise. They will only be really alarmed, they say, if Netanyahu allows the Palestinian state eventually to begin taking shape.

'We don't like it but we can live with it,' said Dani Dayan, a settler leader. Many Netanyahu supporters praised the prime minister for 'skilfully circumventing international pressure.'

Israel's modus operandi during 20 years of failed peacemaking with the Palestinians has often been problematic. Even when successive governments demonstrated a genuine commitment to move the peace process forward, it was invariably accompanied by the creation of new realities on the ground and, in turn, the subsequent positing of new conditions to the Palestinians.

That inevitably impeded real progress towards peace. The continuing expansion of settlement building and dramatic increases during that period in the settler population - even as Israel was engaged in peace talks - is the starkest example of that.

Enter a new reality - this time, a reality shaped not by Israel, but by a U.S. Administration that assesses Israel's policies vis-à-vis the Palestinians first and foremost in terms of U.S. national interests.

Wisely, the U.S. took Netanyahu's acceptance of a Palestinian state at face value. U.S. officials deftly side-stepped the Israeli leader's constraints. His speech was termed 'an important step forward.'

A White House statement said 'President Obama believes this solution can and must ensure both Israel's security and the fulfilment of the Palestinians' legitimate aspirations for a viable state, and he welcomes Prime Minister Netanyahu's endorsement of that goal.'

For all the reluctance of his government partners to embrace the Obama peace vision, Netanyahu may well have managed to consolidate his coalition. On the other hand, the prime minister now faces the prospect of being hoisted by the Administration on his own Palestinian state petard: the U.S. seems determined to push hard on the peace process - whether or not the Palestinians are prepared to subscribe upfront to the Israeli conditions.

Netanyahu's whole speech was carefully calibrated to securing a U.S. tick for their position on how to proceed towards resolving the Middle East conflict in the hope that that would put him in a position to press the U.S. to deliver on Israel's concerns about Iran's nuclear quest, said Yaron Dekel, political analyst at Israeli public television. The weekend election results in Iran may indeed have boosted Netanyahu's hopes in this regard.

It's far from certain, however, that the U.S. will allow Netanyahu to skip over the real issues that still need to be addressed in order to transform the present verbal commitments to peace into a tangible peace process: in his speech, Netanyahu again brushed off the U.S. absolute settlement freeze demand. He's unlikely to get off that easily.

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p/s: I wonder when are they (the Jews laknatullah) going to get SERIOUS in negotiating the peace deal.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

SMSS0206...Eternal Memoirs.


SMS Selangor tegak berdiri
Banggaan putra putri
Menabur jasa membuat bakti
Pada ibu pertiwi

Kami pohonkan doa dan restu
Dalam menuntut ilmu
Agar berjaya segala cita
Harapan ayah bonda

Pada sekolah yang tercinta
Pada guru yang mulia
Mari kita semua berseru
SMS Selangor maju...

gosh..I miss my secondary school days at SMSS so much..I really2 do.
-SMSS0206. My 2nd Family. -

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quote of the day...

"You Never Fail Until You Stop Trying"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Once upon a time, there was once a 100m sprinter who was very much in depression and despair with his failure in Beijing Olympics game. This athletics guy always win gold medal in every competition. The failure to win a medal in Beijing was regarded as a big flop in his career as a professional athlete. He had almost lost his self-confidence and his future doesn't seemed too bright at that moment of time. People started to doubt and critic his performance. Until one day, his coach told him to 'head-up' and strive harder for the coming olympics game.

When he regained his confidence, he worked hard day and night, slogging his body and mind just to make something out of himself. He gave his full commitment and willpower towards improving his performance. Finally, with all these hard work and with the help and support from his family and friends, this guy achieved his goal. He showed a better performance in the London Olympics game and successfully retained his gold medal. Plus, it was considered as his best performance ever as he broke the 20-year-long world record. He proved his critics wrong.

The end.

::: Kesimpulan cerita :::
Final result has been released at 6pm today.
I was not at home as I was training at rugby field. (training dlm keadaan penuh gelisah!!seriusly!! tnye my fren kudo klu x caye. haha)
As I arrived home, I immediately turned on my laptop and checked my result.
There was a sigh of relieve when I saw my CGPA improved!
So far.. This is the highest GPA and CGPA I have ever achieved.
Alhamdulillah..Syukur ke hadrat Ilahi!

Result details :
Accounting-above target. Statistics-as expected,below target. The rest-on par.
Feel so so sooooooooo grateful!!
Even so, the struggle doesn't stop here.
I will make every effort to achieve a much2 better result for the coming semester. InsyaAllah.
Smile all night long... :)

Monday, April 27, 2009


huiiii....result kua esok kot!!!
brape la agaknye pointer aku kali ni.

p/s: sile nntikan entry hari esok utk mengetahui jawapannye...

Saturday, April 25, 2009

1st Intensive Rugby Training... the aftermath.

it was hard
it was tough
it was exhausting
it was sooo killing me
and it clearly defined the meaning of "intensive"...

today's training was the 1st session
there will be more 'test n trial' after this
it lasts for 1 month
only 25 will be selected out of a pool of around 40 players
the competition is tight
only persistent players who are strong,physically and mentally,will survive.

i admit my endurance level is at zero!!
need to give extra effort and determination to improve my stamina
and skill as well
insyaAllah...will try to go all-out on every training session.

that's all
thank you.